Ticket types

# How to use

The very first step is to create a ticket type form and its code which is provided to the client who can easily insert it to their website/system.

This is the ground zero for everything because client's users will enter their issues in this form and once submitted, the support team will start solving the tickets.

1. Scroll down in the main menu to the Administration section and select Ticket types option


2. Hit the "New" button to create a new ticket type form


3. Fill in the following fields:

  • Name - create a name for this new form
  • Team - assign a support team which will take care of the tickets coming from this form
  • Color - add a color tag for your list of forms in Ticket types section
  • Include form title - if you select the checkbox and type a name in the field, you will create a form title
  • Select between showing all fields or required fields only (edit the required fields if necessary)
  • Choose the form's width
  • Include GDPR agreement checkbox


4. Once you're satisfied with your form, hit the button "Show code" which can be sent to the client.

5. Hit "Save" button to finish your work on the form so it can be added to your list of forms


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